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audio dropout

Serato DJ
Numark NS7 II
DJ TAZ 333 4:05 PM - 16 November, 2013
having audio drop outs
DJ TAZ 333 4:08 PM - 16 November, 2013
FYI i made all basic fixes that are in the SSL plus I used a 2 terabyte g drive with firewire connection not a plain old usb connection
NumarkChris 4:39 PM - 18 November, 2013

Just to make sure, I hope this was the article that you were referring to or Make sure your internet is off and adjust your USB buffer size to a higher number.

Your using a fire wire connection for your external hard drive I assume correct? You can't plug a fire wire cord with the NS7II controller.
DJ TAZ 333 3:24 AM - 19 November, 2013
Internet is off. I use FireWire from the MacBook Pro to a 2 terabyte G drive. The FireWire is not connected to the Ns7ii. The g drive has all my music files. The ns7ii is connected via USB port on the MacBook Pro.

How do I increase the USB buffer on the MacBook Pro? FYI this was never an issue with SSL.
NumarkChris 2:45 PM - 19 November, 2013
On a Mac, you can only adjust the USB buffer size with your Numark NS7II in the Serato DJ software. Click on the Audio tab in the Serato DJ. Slide your buffer to the right to increase your buffer size. Also, check out this helpful guide for Mac users to help you with your audio glitches
DJ TAZ 333 5:27 PM - 20 November, 2013
I know this fix. But what your doing is compromising the latency. So if I want to do a little scratching there is lag. Again in SSL this was never an issue running it thru my Rane 61. With my Rane 61 audio buffer was set all the way to the left.
DJ TAZ 333 5:28 PM - 20 November, 2013
And I did all the fixes on the "helpful guide" for Mac. There is a GLITCH in the software
DJ TAZ 333 6:08 PM - 20 November, 2013
I also still have SSL on my Macbook, should i remove it? Or does it really matter?
NumarkChris 8:10 PM - 20 November, 2013
Let's try this,

Sometimes I have found that removing the device from MIDI Studio Window (Mac), and lowering the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second (Windows & Mac) in Serato DJ improves the symptoms that you are having, and in some cases completely resolves the issue. See the steps below.

Removing a Device from MIDI Studio (Mac Only)
1. Open a new finder window and navigate to Applications > Utilities.
2. Double click Audio MIDI Setup.
3. Select Window from the top menu and ensure that MIDI Studio is checked.
4. With the Numark controller disconnected click the Numark USB Audio Device.
5. Click Remove Device from the top of the MIDI Studio window.
6. Reconnect you Numark Controller.

Lowering the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second (Both Windows & Mac)
1. Open Serato DJ.
2. Clcik Setup from the top menu.
3. Click Library + Display.
4. Adjust the Display slider to 20 or 30. If you still experience clicks and pops after setting to 20 UPS try lowering the slider.
5. Close the Setup.
DJ TAZ 333 9:36 PM - 20 November, 2013
I will try the above. However, I feel that having to have to jump through all of the aforementioned "hoops" taints the integrity of the the software. If serato finally got SSL almost spot on, one with think that Serato DJ would be SPOT ON. Secondly, for the $$$ we drop on hardware I find it a bit aggravating that I cant just "plug and play" without any issues. Ahhhhhhhh but alas we do not live in a perfect world. I will let you know how this turns out. I can change the settings at home, but the real test is Friday night at the club when I am spinning.

I do appreciate the assistance.
DJ TAZ 333 9:42 PM - 20 November, 2013
BTW i am not experience clicks or pops. I am experience a split second audio drop out
DJ TAZ 333 6:18 PM - 25 November, 2013
All adjustments made. Moved buffer to the all the way to the left (had audio drop out). Moved buffer to the middle. In the course of a 5 hour gig had 2 audio drop outs at that setting. They are literally split second drop out but ANNOYING. Here are the full specs of my MAC

MacbookPro 7.1
Intel Core 2 Duo
1 processor
2 cores
3mb L2cache
4gb Memory
1.07 GHZ bus speed

The only other thing, outside of SERATO correcting this (I say that as one of my DJ friends had SERATO DJ crash his computer after he downloaded the most recent version - he runs a PC), is to upgrade the RAM. I happen to know an Apple techie and her suggestion was to add RAM to handle the program. BTW i run no other program while running serato and turned off everything I can think of (something I did not have to do with SSL).

So after hearing what happened to my friend and what I am experiencing, the only thing I am grateful for is I have a macbook pro. So its a SOFTWARE issue.
AJDJ 4:40 PM - 26 November, 2013
I have the same macbook as you do with an NS7... for the record Its something to do with Serato DJ and this particular macbook... I've have tried the VCI-300 / Pioneer DDJ-S1 / Numark NS6 and the Numark NS7... the drop outs are there every time.. BUT Like the Nunmark guy said lower the screen refresh rate from within Serato .. for me I put it down to 15 and Bamn! problem gone for good :) I have my USB buffer latency set at 1ms with no problems anymore!
DJ TAZ 333 4:49 PM - 26 November, 2013
I set the refresh at 15, but i have to move the buffer from the far left (optimum latency) to the middle. What that does is effect any kind of cutting or scratching as there is a bit of noticeable lag. However, this not the issue with SSL and i didnt turn anything off on the Mac. As noted above an APPLE techie suggested upping the RAM to 8 gigs. It appears that SERATO DJ has more balls than SSL. I will have to take a look at the activity monitor for the RAM next time I play. Still going to upgrade RAM as that is not a big deal. But my boys PC crashed with the new SERATO upgrade this past Sat night. He had to go back to the previous version and he has the NS6. Its def a software issue or a correctable software issue.
AJDJ 4:54 PM - 26 November, 2013
thats interesting.... for me it totally fixed it.. its rock solid now..... and I use 1ms( far left usb latency)
DJ TAZ 333 8:12 PM - 15 January, 2014
Update!!! dd 1/15/14. Increase the RAM to my Macbook Pro to 8gig. I am still experience audio drop out. Albeit its only for a split second and only a couple of times. This happens whether the latency is set to the far left or the middle.

This is not an issue with SSL including having latency set to far left!!!

However if I want to get a little fancy and do a little cutting or scratch there is a noticeable difference when I set the latency in the middle. And geesh I dont want to have to change my audio buffer every time I like to let loose. So this is still open.

In my opinion Serato DJ software has a few bugs it has to address when it comes to the compatibility with the NS7ii
NumarkChris 9:39 PM - 16 January, 2014
Try out BETA version 1.6 with your operating system. Before participating in the Serato DJ 1.6 Public Beta, you must accept that this version should be treated as unstable, and used at your own risk. Serato and Numark accepts no responsibility for damage to audio files, your Serato library or crates, public humiliation, booing from the crowd or lost gigs.

By accepting these terms and conditions you also agree to follow the guidelines for the Serato DJ 1.6 forum area. You'll find these in discussions that are compulsory reading at the top of the forum area.
Remember the following points:
• The public beta is feature-complete
• Please be as descriptive as possible
• Keep to one topic per thread, and stay on topic
• Where possible, verify reported bugs
• Don't be offended if your question goes unanswered
Click on the link here to download and try
8:00 AM, 31 Jan 2014
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